| khpx 5 |
Current list
· scan planet -> list minerals, life, robots, satellites
· orbit command, adjust altitud.
· Docking process. It can be upgradeable using a DAS, docking automatic system.
· Change oxygen tanks to O1, H1 hidrogen, N1 nitrogen
· VK_DOWN doesn't work in the history navigation (command prompt)
· Add event queue. Remove old event system.
· Implement errors table and possibly multilang. STFU.
· If the windows system is useless, remove it. I think it is useless.
· Remove compiling warnings.
· Computer warning: this area is usually classified as too dangerous for amateur pilots. Proceed with caution.
· Fix the nomenclature there are randomInit() and khpx_init () using both camel and old c standard. pick one.
· Add cargo bay to store additional eq, mining and so.

22-11-17    · help system (cont'd) help command.
            · (D) help command, for example help scan (done)
            · (P) scan planet -> list minerals, life, robots, satellites
21-11-17    · help system
            · (D) update help and provide multipage
            · (D) Fix capsule's frame, adjust to correct size
            · (P) scan planet (started)
            · Remain pending help 'topic', need to implement display of a generic message to be deleted.
            Analize this carefully.
20-11-17    · Planet displayed correctly, including satellite around planet. Leaving the map here.
            Now get back to systems and implement gameplay.
            · (D) orbitspeed - speed around a planet
            · (D) access to last commands using arrows
19-11-17    · other movements on the map, map implementation (database)
            The search in google for directx is: directx end-user runtime web installer
            this install all the 9.0 versions, the program is dxwebsetup.exe
            As I'm using feb 2007 this use dxdx9_32.dll, need to find end user of feb 2007
18-11-17    · leaving planet atmosphera using a parabola (cont'd)
            · It's implemented, but the problem is to select the correct point in the curve.
            · OK got it, just increase the altitud, and that will generate a spiral movement
            moving away the planet more natural. Then I need to apply a tangent force to leave the planet.
17-11-17    · leaving planet atmosphera using a parabola (started)
16-11-17    · 04:20 map implementation starting
            · 05:20 khpd position variables ready. Amazing, 1 hour.
            · 06:47 displayng polyphemo and the khpx spaceship first time on the map.
            · 10:17 orbiting a planet (multiphemo)
            · change to the game loop logic: now khpx engine is executed since the beggining, and the
            command khpx just enable or disable the listing/displaying.
            "You have to learn to love the effort divorced from the result" this is related to writing but apply here
            · Lunch break now I lost.
            · deprecate gkhpx1 () and merge with khpx_init
            · leaving planet atmosphera done.
15-11-17    · small details in scanner. Final display form. Still ahead reaction to different materials
            eq and live form.
            · main display system mds.
            · IMplement circle, square, triangle, dot and others on map.
14-11-17    · status, systems. scanner.
            · Minimonitor (mm) (top right panel) switch implementation.
            · scanner & cloak
13-11-17    · status, systems. Sprites rendering.
            · migrations of khpx display to SMsgs system.
            · migration completed
            · following next: map, system and navigation development.
12-11-17    · status, Systems.
11-11-17    · status, Systems.
10-11-17    · Oxygen, fuel indicators
            Fixed the colorkey problem, check PrepareRenderStates ()
            · EPS status indicator. EPS is a the plasma cloak
09-11-17    "Every corpse on mount everest was once an extremely motivated person"
            Relevant because my game programmer career. lol.
            Transparency. This only work if the image is 255 colors and transparency set
            if the render states seems doesn't work, check cpp/calgonite CFSFont.cpp example
            check PrepareRenderStates () in khpx5/main.cpp
08-11-17    · Fullscreen / windowed modes This should be in a external menu, the main/first menu. Easy solution.
07-11-17    · Practically everything is missing so the list is long.
            Yes it execute commands and display the results, and it display the khpx main console.
            · Mouse Fixed win speed adjustment.
            Switching between windowed <-> fullscreen mode
06-11-17    · Checking if this works. Seems not. the original, yes. But after compile it stucks.
            This is old info but just to document the change. If you need to use VS2010, to change that
            go to properties->general->platform toolset. But it's not needed in this project.
            About this
            · Fixed, some disabling code let a variable not initialized and that generated the bug.
            · Ver este video: http://www.wimp.com/coldplaywristbands/
            It's from a note from 04-06-2012 I really don't see any snake effect
            Now I'm not sure if minimap is a good idea. Actually I don't see my ideas about this project
            beside the draft I have since 2001 or something like that (including asm version from '90s)
            Unfortunately the asm version is broken. Too bad
            My idea now is to use the copycat ship from triton (that shadow the moon)
            Polyphemus (S/2004 N 1 orbit 65,420 mi, just over a quarter that of Earth's moon)
10-06-2012  · Still thinking a fun strategy... the strategy is to work
            The days here are solid, better. (Diamante days)
            the strategy is to work
09-06-2012  · Thinking how to handle the minimap. It´s easy (famous last words).
            Still thinking a fun strategy.
05-06-2012  · Thinking how to handle the minimap. It´s easy.
04-06-2012  · Displaying the minimap (cont'd)
            · Ver este video: http://www.wimp.com/coldplaywristbands/
            implementar el efecto del snake que se mueve arriba de las tribunas casi cerca del techo.
            10 horas contínuas de php/javascript coding. Ahora DirectX/C++ Tiempo de sueño las últimas 24 horas: 4.
            Tiempo estimado de aterrizaje en la cama: 3 horas. Hora de despegue mañana 6:00 am.
            Menos mal los programadores no tenemos las restricciones y responsabilidades de los pilotos,
            porque esto sería criminal :s
02-06-2012  · Displaying the minimap.
            · (P) several sprite_object must be migrated to basic_sprite_object
01-06-2012  · Movement. Displaying the map (cont´d)
31-05-2012  · Displaying the map (cont´d). Continuos movement
30-05-2012  · Displaying the map (cont´d)
27-05-2012  · (P) Inventory. Yes, this is a joke.
            · Displaying the map
26-05-2012  · integration & migration with dx90c version.
23-05-2012  «the shit» starts. sorry, the ship starts.